5 Common Myths about Adult Daycare Centers: Debunked!

It’s rewarding to take over the responsibility of a loved one’s care needs unless experiencing a caregiver’s crunch makes you think otherwise.

With adult daycare centers, family caregivers can take their respite and get back to their personal lives. Deciding to enroll your loved one in a facility could’ve been simple, but these common myths get in the way and sparks unnecessary fears.

Let’s debunk these myths to give you a clearer picture of adult daycare centers and open your eyes to the many perks you and your loved one can enjoy from:

  • MYTH #1 – Involvement in care plans and activities isn’t allowed in the center.
    We’d like to make a surprise visit to our senior’s care center to free ourselves from doubts and anxieties with their ability to deliver quality care as promised. You’re welcome to spend your lunch break or day off with your senior at the center. In fact, your presence may boost your senior’s comfort or help them in their care transition. Our doors are wide open for you to visit and check on your seniors from time to time.
  • MYTH #2 – Seniors enrolled in an adult daycare facility are ill or helpless.
    This saga is more common among older adults who feel “dragged down” by their weaker mates. When one thinks about adult daycare center, they can easily imagine a group of older adults thriving together in a shared setting. Though it’s true at some point, most outsiders fail to recognize that seniors enrolled in a center are diverse too. Their range of motion and health concerns vary from one another, and this assortment inspires most clients to thrive.
  • MYTH #3 – It’s too care-oriented.
    For seniors who feel lonely and isolated most of the time, enrolling in an adult daycare facility can cure their golden year’s miseries. Centers provide a much-needed outlet for companionship and sense of belongingness. Having people they can interact and build bonds with add joy and renew their sense of life to most empty nesters.
  • MYTH #4 – Participation in planned activities is obligatory.
    With most people’s previous experiences in early daycare and school days, they assume that adult daycare centers come after the same mold. Participants are obligated to stick to a schedule and follow planned activities. In an adult daycare center, a senior’s independence is practiced and maintained. Their opinions and decisions are respected and are taken into consideration. If they’ll join in the fun, all the better. Otherwise, they can pitch in an activity they’ll like next time.
  • MYTH #5 – Babysitting is for babies while caregiving is for seniors. 
    Capping the list of adult day center myths is that it’s just a worshiped babysitting version that’s focused on seniors. In fact, senior caregivers provide more than just looking after your loved one’s needs. They offer therapeutic services, including exercise or other stimulating activities, to help keep older adults in shape. While you’re at work, you can expect your loved ones to enjoy and feel better in an adult daycare center.

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What other myths have you heard about adult daycare centers? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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