5 Signs of Depression in Senior Citizens

There are certain things we are oblivious to, and one of them is depression. It is not easy to see the signs and acts of depression until you see the definite change in people. It is when you realize that someone has totally changed and it’s shocking. And sometimes, it’s not going to be easy to help them go back to the people they once were.

One of the hardest realizations is that it’s not easy to spot depression in senior citizens. Usually, the signs are hidden through aloof or irritating behavior. Most of the time, you may think it is just the age that makes them change, the issues with health, and other matters. While this may be true, we should change this thinking. All of us are dealing with our own monsters, and it does not matter how old you are.

As an Adult Wellness Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, let us share with you these helpful signs on spotting whether your senior loved one has depression or not:

  1. They are more quiet than usual.
    Especially if they are not usually like this, they may be going through something. Sometimes, they do not really respond as happily or as detailed as they used to. If they are usually straight-forward with their word, they may be more aloof and dismissive if they are dealing with depression.
  2. They usually feel weaker.
    Our senior citizens may not be as sociable as always. But, if they are feeling weaker than usual, it could be that there is a lot on their plate than they let on. Depression has a way of draining the happiness out of people – that is why people feel weary and weak.
  3. When people are depressed, they find themselves feeling a tummy ache or some chest pains.
    For senior citizens, it’s almost the same. There are times when they will feel pain or aches throughout their bodies that they cannot explain. This could be a sign of depression, stress or their health calling out to them.
  4. There are times when your elderly will show signs of generalized anxiety disorder.
    They would worry too much. They would think they are being a burden. They would lose self-worth. These can be signs of depression, and they may also be oblivious to the truth that they are dealing with such troubles.
  5. Sleep-deprivation is one common sign that you can look out for.
    They would have trouble sleeping. They could be over-thinking, or feeling sorry for themselves. They may find it hard to be in a comfortable sleeping position or feel like they do not deserve anything. These acts result in sleeping difficulty.

If your loved one is showing any of the signs above, always be there for them. Show them love. Care for them. Simple acts of kindness and fun could do so much to brighten their day. At Fox Chase Wellness Center, we are ready to be of assistance with Rehabilitation Services in Pennsylvania. Inquire with us today.

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