7 Reasons Why Senior Should Take Up Art as a Hobby

You don’t need to have amazing skills right off the bat to make art.
Just give it a try and see how…

  1. Art allows your mind to focus.Making art needs a lot of concentration. You could start creating a masterpiece in a room full of other people, but you will soon find yourself absorbed in your craft. Each stroke and motion you make on paper or any other medium is carefully and unconsciously planned out to create the form that you have imagined.
  2. Art removes your negative energy.There are no regulations in art. There are no rules to limit or to restrict you and how you feel. You are free to express yourself, internalize your thoughts, and set them out into your work. It’s a liberating experience that leaves you with positive vibes.
  3. Art takes your stress away.You have to admit: art is fun even to the most inexperienced artist. It removes the inhibition, the fear, and the stress. Art helps you to channel your energy into creating instead of destroying. It facilitates your mood into a more relaxed state.
  4. Art promotes your creativity and imagination.It inspires your mind to wander. To think of the possibilities. To consider the “what ifs”. Art encourages you to try something out of the ordinary, to explore concepts you have never thought of before. Just let it be for a moment and you’ll see how well it has raised your awareness.
  5. Art improves your motor skills.Whatever medium you choose to make art with, one thing remains certain. You will be using your hands for it. And with each shape you mold, each line you draw and each color you paint, it will help make sure your dexterity does not falter even in old age.
  6. Art increases your self-confidence.If you’re worried about how your work can’t really be called art, don’t be. As long as you keep practicing, you’ll find yourself continually improving. Soon, you’ll be able to get the hang of it and that is something you can definitely feel good about! Just keep trying!
  7. Art gives your day meaning.Once you begin on a piece, you’ll find yourself excitedly continuing it. Sometimes it may even be the only thing you think about; that you need to finish your work before the inspiration leaves you. By the time you complete a masterpiece, you will be caught in an afterglow; an experience you surely don’t want to miss.

Go ahead and give art a try! You can start small with some paper, coloring materials, and an open mind. Just scribble something, see how well the colors work, and soon you’ll find yourself making shapes and pictures.

Fox Chase Wellness Center, is an Adult Wellness Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that greatly supports art as a hobby for seniors like you. We also offer Non-Medical Home Care in Pennsylvania for those who prefer staying in the comforts of their home.

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