7 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Again

If you need a new hobby to try, then reading books is something you shouldn’t pass up.
Simply, because…

  1. It reduces stress.Reading takes your mind away into places of wonder. It’s like taking a vacation trip without ever having to leave your seat. It’s an immersive form of entertainment you can resume and pause at will. Once you get yourself started on a really good story, you’ll find it hard to put the book down!
  2. It expands vocabulary.Authors use a multitude of words in order for them to paint an exact picture of the story. Sometimes, you will find yourself stumbling upon a word you’re unfamiliar with (which is why it’s best to keep a dictionary handy while reading). At the same time, reading also improves your comprehension and spelling.
  3. It exercises the mind.As you follow word after word in each paragraph, your mind will be conjuring up each scene as vividly as the author has written them down. Putting your imagination to use is a great chance to use some mental muscle. This way, your mind remains regularly stimulated, keeping it from experiencing a decline.
  4. It enhances thinking skills.When you follow a story, you unconsciously think about what may happen in the next chapter. You take in hints from how each character reacts, along with all the other bits and pieces the author leaves for you to ponder on. If, for example, you’re following a detective story, you might find yourself pinning one character as the killer even before you have even reached the middle of the book!
  5. It increases knowledge.Whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction works, there is always something to learn. You could touch up topics on world history, science, psychology, etc. depending on how the story flows. Reading allows you to study new things without feeling burdened to absorb too much information at once. After finishing a book, you’ll find yourself taking away a couple nuggets of wisdom from it.
  6. It develops awareness.Every book has their own setting. While it may not take place in the real world, you will discover how the story can speak certain truths about the society we live in. You might even find yourself relating to a certain character in the story and discover something new about yourself in the process!
  7. It improves memory.Reading books mean you have to constantly follow a consequence of events that have unfolded in the previous chapters in order for you to understand what you’re currently reading. In a way, reading improves your ability to retain and recall information without you even realizing it.

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