Avoid Going Back to the Hospital So Soon: 7 Health Tips for Seniors

Hospital stay is very expensive. From the doctors’ fees to the miscellaneous charges, even with the help of insurance coverage, your wallet will still suffer major damage. Also, hospital walls can be stressful and depressing for your grannies. At hospitals, there is not much to do. There are fewer people to interact with.

Tired of your aged loved ones’ stay in and out of the hospital so often? Do not worry, this is a dilemma common to many. Despite how random this circumstance is, the solution is not that difficult at all. Allow Fox Chase Wellness Center to mention to you some effective tips.

  1. Maintain a healthier diet
    Wellness is strictly 70% diet. This is where the saying “You are what you eat” applies. One must abstain from eating unhealthy foods, especially those that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol. As their aide, serve them meals that are not only delicious, but are nutritious, too.
  2. Avoid skipping meals
    Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is rampant among the baby boomers. Without eating three times a day, one may lack a sufficient source of energy to keep the body up and running. Also, this habit may lead to ulcer and other gastric complications.
  3. Find the right exercise program
    Seniors need to get active too! Consult a fitness expert and discover which exercise regimen is most appropriate for them. Since these exercises need to be maintained, always be on guard to make sure that they remain compliant.
  4. Never miss or forget to take your medication
    Being forgetful or having blurry visions, mistakes when it comes to medication compliance are easily committed. To avoid this crucial problem, organize their medicines. Know specific details like expiration dates, dosage amount, and dosage frequency.
  5. Equip reliable support apparatuses.
    How to make their homes accident-proof? You need to install safety devices. Popular examples include handrails, non-slip mats, and enhanced lighting. Note as well that apparatuses like wheelchairs and canes must be checked regularly for maintenance purposes.
  6. Stop smoking and excessive alcoholism
    Aging healthfully necessarily includes the banning of chain smoking and excessive alcoholism. These famous vices kill healthy body cells and introduce diseases like hypertension and cancer.
  7. Abolish stress
    Stress is fatal for seniors. With too much to handle, their organs (notably the heart) will be affected. Help them to find peace and relaxation every now and then.

Once your loved one is discharged from the hospital, change their lifestyles and implement the above-mentioned resolutions. To optimize their recovery, ask help from the experts! For Rehabilitation Services in Pennsylvania trusted by many, coordinate with Fox Chase Wellness Center.

In general, we are an Adult Wellness Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is part of our advocacy to make sure that each of our clients will receive the care and support they deserve. Our professional staff will make sure that the seniors’ needs will be critically assessed and well-taken care of.

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