How to Improve Your Relationship with Senior Citizens who have Alzheimer’s Disease

We all go through some difficulties. It is not easy when you have someone you love who is dealing with an Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, dealing with such situations leaves you emotionally exhausted and heartbroken.

Regardless of these stressful encounters, there is always a way to make it easier. It may still break your heart, but it does not have to always leave you losing hope. There is always room for improvement.

As a premier provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Pennsylvania, let us share with you our knowledge on how you can deal with a loved one with Alzheimer’s:

  • Give them their personal space.
    Once you walk into the room, be kind and polite. Sometimes, give them the chance to reciprocate the gesture before approaching them. Keep minimum distance and wait for their response. It is a good way to show you are not there to stress them out.
  • Let them assess the situation in their own timing.
    It really may take a few minutes before they adjust to the situation of you being around. There may come a time when they do not remember you, or just simply think you are familiar. Let them regain the comfort they feel with you on their own.
  • Do not force them into doing things.
    Do not force them to talk. Do not force them to interact with you. Do not force them to do anything that would make them feel uncomfortable, pressured or threatened. Let them move and decide at their own pace. You would just fuel the fire and compromise your position in bonding with them.
  • Listen more, talk less.
    Avoid cramming their brain when you talk. Start with simple greetings, simple questions that they can answer with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Sometimes, they may have things to say. If not, give them kind words – something you know will sooth them.
  • Be kind and patient.
    They may not have the disability to comprehend, but they may be processing things every moment. Sometimes, it will be hard because they may respond being frightened or stressed during a good flow of conversation. Be kind and patient anyway.
  • Understand the situation they are in.
    Understand what they are going through. When you are having a hard time adjusting to situations with things and people you are no longer familiar with, you will understand them. The thing is – if you love them, you will be ready to wait for them to warm up to you.
  • Just love them – unconditionally and truly.
    This is the main key to improving your relationship with your loved one. It will not always be easy; it will not always be hard, too. But, you will understand and trust the perfect timing.

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