Key Benefits Our Adult Wellness Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Can Offer

Humans need to belong to circles or communities. Being a highly social being, it is part of our needs to connect with co-humans and create lasting relations. Unable to comply with such necessity may expose us to deteriorating conditions like stress and depression. This is specifically true for our grannies. Being at the dusk of their lives, finding a reasonable drive to continue can be difficult. However, with healthy socialization, this problem can be bridged.
One of the best avenues where seniors can interact with other seniors is through adult daycare centers. In Pennsylvania, we at Fox Chase Wellness Center is well heard of. Why are we so different? Aside from well-crafted programs managed by highly trained staff members, we give your seniors experiences that are life-enriching and fun. To be specific, here are some of the many perks your elderly loved ones can enjoy during their stay with us:

  1. Productive activities.
    We know that your loved ones must be bored at home. In our wellness center, we implement several activities that will tinker their curiosity and creativity. We have games, puzzles, and arts and crafts. If your baby boomer has a certain talent to share, we are more than happy to give him/her the spotlight.
  2. Dynamic exercises.
    Aside from mental stimulation, we also have programs that will keep your elderly fit. We do daily exercises appropriate for their age. These exercises mainly focus on body coordination, proper posture, and grip control.
  3. Nutritious meals.
    Included in our awesome package are three sets of nutritious meals. The greatest thing about this offer is that the meals are given to them for free! Each pack is cautiously prepared to support the fragile health of our dear clients. No junk foods, just vitamin-filled feasts!
  4. Morale boost.
    We recognize that your loved one may not have the heart to try our sessions, but do your best to help them change their minds. In our center, they will be supported by sensitive professionals ready to assist them in unlocking their hidden skills and potentials. Also, our other clients are properly oriented to be friendly with the others.
  5. Personal care.
    Who will take care of your loved ones’ personal needs? No need to worry, that task is on us as well. We will make sure that they will be guided. Top-notch mobility care, incontinence care, and skilled nursing services shall be readily available for them.
  6. Free transport.
    Got no time to drive your seniors from your home to the center and vice versa? That is no problem at all. We have a shuttle service that will facilitate their safe transport.

Instead of your aging parents and grandparents are stuck at home eyes glued to television sets, why not let them join our growing family? Fox Chase Wellness Center is the place for seniors to find recreation, rejuvenation, and purpose. Rest assured, we will provide nothing but impeccable Non-Medical Home Care in Pennsylvania!

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